Hey God,

Here I am at Barton Springs Pool. The time is 6:25 AM. The sky is still dark, and today there’s no sign of the moon; however, the stars are shining brightly.

Yes, here I am once again beginning my day by swimming in the spring-fed water at Barton Springs Pool.

I realize I’m into a morning routine . . . a morning ritual that I have created with Your encouragement.

I’m noting today an awareness that’s percolating regarding the morning routine.

Yeah, for just over two months, this is the way I’ve been choosing to begin each day.

No one is telling me this is what I should to do to begin my day . . . not even me . . . is shoulding on me.

The morning routine is like a magnet that day-by-day continually draws me into this Zilker Park scene.

Each morning that I show up here I feel as though I’m receiving a blessing from Mother Nature.

The October morning air is cool. Some Austinites might even say it’s cold.

Me? . . .

I’ve chosen my words carefully and tell myself the story that the morning air is refreshingly invigorating.

Today as I remove my fleece jacket and jeans, stripping down to my swimming suit, I note the cool, crisp morning air caressing my bare skin . . . enticing me to make my entrance into the “warmer” Barton Springs water.

This morning as I descend the stairway into the pool, I note steam rising off the water.

The “warm” spring-fed water gently pulls me into a full-body embrace, encouraging me to glide gracefully forward into the day.

And so that’s what I do . . . move ever and ever more gracefully into the day.

By choosing grace as my swimming coach, I discover as I exit the pool that I’m wide awake . . . so awake to that BIG me that’s bigger than the cool morning air.

My heart warms me Up even more as I acknowledge the Bigness of my being.

Some people might say that I’m into doing the same morning routine day after day; however, each day’s experience at Barton Springs Pool awakens me to a greater awareness as to the precious, uniqueness of each moment of life.

I must admit that this morning as I walked from my car to the pool there was a thought knocking at the door to my mind . . . thinking perhaps instead of swimming that a walk in the cool morning air would be better.

I just kept walking . . . walking . . .  walking towards Barton Springs Pool.

And upon my first spotting of the pool . . . the thought lost its power over me, and I simply responded to my heart with a Yes, Yes, Yes . . . and jumping into the new day, swimming through it with grace as my coach.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob