Hey God,

I’m sitting here at a table enjoying a morning cup o’ joe.

I have my iPhone sitting nearby me. I pick it up and check for email messages.

While sipping on the boldly delicious Major Taylor coffee brew, I read an email containing the following quote from The Tao of Spirit by John-Roger:

. . . intelligence . . . tells you to keep aware, keep awake, keep flowing with the present, and keep making the decisions that enhance your positive expression and your spiritual fulfillment.

I feel the Major Taylor sip percolating some magic with this quote.

Suddenly I have an image of my early morning swim at Barton Springs Pool.

I connect the dots between my daily morning ritual of swimming at Barton Springs and the email message.

I recognize how the daily swimming routine is enabling me to connect with intelligence and practice, practice, practice being aware, being awake, and to keep flowing with the present moment of life.

Wow, this is truly an aha! moment for me!

No wonder I feel myself drawn each morning to Barton Springs Pool!

I acknowledge this early-morning swimming ritual is empowering me throughout the day to keep tapping into intelligence and to be aware and awake to the present moment of life wherever I may be and to keep on keepin’ on flowing in the now-to-now positive, uplifting currents in living my life!

Yes, yes, yes!

Loving You,