Hey God,

Here I am checking in on this beautiful October day.

I’m smiling . . . yes, indeed, I’m smiling a BIG time smile.

I do acknowledge that yesterday I was trudging through the stuff.

Yeah, I was in the stuff; in fact, it felt as though I was trudging through mud and at times sinking deeply into it.

Yet, I kept on keeping on going through the muddy stuff, treating myself most kindly along the way.

I had a sense yesterday of feeling like I was disconnected . . . disconnected from my life and from You.

Funny how there really was a disconnection that was occurring in my life . . . the cable company had disconnected my service, doing so ten days prior to my move.

I really couldn’t figure out what was going on yesterday afternoon . . . suddenly I had no internet service.

I played and played with my wireless-router, thinking it was the source of the problem.

I even attempted getting emails on my iPhone . . . but met with no success.

I realize that I’m not real tech savvy; however, I do acknowledge that I have grown considerably in my technology abilities.

Yesterday, I put on my tech-savvy hat and did my best to resolve the challenge presented to me of re-connecting to the internet.

Finally in the mid-afternoon, I called a time-out and went to the nursing center to volunteer, drawing Major Heart pictures for the residents.

I was so grateful for the volunteering opportunity. Through the process of creating the art, I felt myself reconnecting with me and best of all, with YOU!

I then returned home, thinking that perhaps the Angels of Technology had made a visit and miraculously resolved the internet-connection challenge for me.

Well . . . it didn’t take me long to discover that the challenge was still there for me to deal with.

What did I do?

I kept on exploring possibilities for creating a connection.

Feeling frustration building, I decided to call another time-out and to sit in a comfortable chair and watch a few minutes of TV.

Well . . . once again I was greeted by a technology challenge . . . no cable TV.

I tried and I tried and I tried to get the TV to work.

Finally, I decided the best thing to do was call the cable company.

I picked up my land-line phone, eager and ready to make the call for HELP.

Well . . . I discovered the phone was dead.

Finally . . . I began to connect the dots to my technology puzzle.

Sure enough . . . the cable company had cut off my services . . . ten days prior to my move to South Austin.

Most definitely there was a breakdown in communications!

Funny . . . how it all played out through the day.

And what did I learn through yesterday’s tech test?

For me, yesterday’s test provided me with an aha! moment regarding my sensitivity and going to a deeper level in trusting it.

Truly the sense I had yesterday of being disconnected was right on the mark.

The good news is I didn’t hang out in the role of playing helpless victim to technology.

I creatively took charge, taking action time and again, which eventually lead me to the successful resolution.

And I recognize, too, that I can lay claim to owning a higher level in my tech-savvy abilities.

I recognize now how some of the solutions I came up with yesterday would have worked fine if the phone service had been working.

And I also recognize the power in the art and getting out and sharing it with the world. The art connects me with You and that my dearest Friend, is such a sweet experience and the sweetest of connections . . . the divine connection with You!

Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob