Hey God,

I remember my days as a classroom teacher at Rock Island’s Audubon School, teaching 5th graders pronouns . . . I, you, he, she, it, we, and they.

I do believe I even made up a song and dance and performed for the kids. It made the learning more fun for them and teaching the lesson more enjoyable for me.

All these years later, I’m aware today of one pronoun in particular that has quite a following of fans . . . THEY!

Yeah, in fact, I’m even finding myself tempted to speak the THEY language and join the THEY fan club.

They . . . they . . .  they . . . yes, I’m guilty of using the big THEY.

And what has triggered the THEY to appear in my life?

A mis-communication with a BIG cable company!

I’m somewhat baffled by what’s taken place . . . my internet service was disconnected ten days prior to the agreed upon date.

Last week I had a nice conversation regarding my upcoming move with the cable company’s customer service representative, who happened to be somewhere overseas.

I thought that our communications were very clear . . . the disconnect on the 21st and the re-connection at my new place on the 23rd.

Well . . . somehow or other the customer service representative entered into the computer system the dates of the 11th and 13th . . . thus, to my surprise, my internet service unexpectedly stopped on the 11th.

Phone calls to a variety of customer service reps at the cable company have followed.

I’ve been put on hold time and again.

I’ve had my phone calls forwarded to tech reps at the cable company.

I’ve been put on hold time and again.

I even had a cable company tech person show up at my home to reconnect my service.

So far . . . 48 hours after the disconnect I still without service.

The tech person who visited my home simply rolled his eyes and said, “Once the information goes into the BIG computer system to disconnect service, it’s next to impossible to reconnect full service.”

So, I’m so tempted to speak the THEY language, regarding my relationship with the cable company.

However, something funny happened to me on my early morning drive today to Barton Springs Pool.

I started chuckling to myself, thinking of THEY . . . putting a face on THEY.

I started to sing a song about THEY, a love song about THEY and me . . . and our broken romance.

It made me feel so much better, and it added a day-welcoming smile to my face as well as doses of some good morning laughter.

I’m still somewhat baffled about what to do next with THEY.

I have to laugh when I think of THEY having customer service.

I recognize I’m learning how to smile with myself as I learn how to climb most effectively Mt. They and get some meaningful results.

I recall my first year at college and a phone conversation I had with my mother and dad regarding my checking account being overdrawn.

My mother had gotten a call from an employee at the bank, informing my mother of the situation.

The bank had not returned the check.

The bank checked with my mother first, providing her with the opportunity to put money into my account.

What’s happened here in 2010 to customer service?

I have no idea as to whom to contact at the cable company.

I call customer service, and I realize my call is going overseas.

So, I’ve decided to call upon You . . . the best Customer Service Rep I know.

I really don’t want to talk the THEY language.

I don’t like the way it makes me feel.

I much prefer being proactive and doing something that can produce a successful result . . . like talking with someone who cares and can lead me along the way to the re-connection of my internet service.

I love modern technology and what it provides me.

However, I must admit I miss the direct human connection

. . . the live voice

. . . the customer service rep who cares and wants to serve me, a loyal customer, in resolving an issue.

So, God, I let the THEY language go.

I speak the language of love with You . . . knowing that all is well and that when the time is right . . . I’ll be re-connected . . .

Meanwhile right now . . . I’m smiling with life and am feeling much better and so connected with You  . . .

And I recognize there’s not a better connection to have!

Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob