Hey God,

I’m here at Central Market, sitting at a table in the Cafe, and upon the table, is my keyboard, awaiting my dancing fingers.

Every now and then I take a look outdoors and see the October  blue sky with the sun shining so brightly.

I recall conversations with my mother over the years when we shared the joy we experienced when seeing the blue skies of October.

And now a couple of years following her passing on, I sit here alone at the table and breathe in this beautiful October day.

Such a simple, peaceful thing to do . . . pause and breathe in the sunshine and the blue skies of October.

Yet, in doing so . . . I feel so refreshed and invigorated; and I feel the sweet, peaceful spirit of my mother’s love embracing me.

Ah, yes, how grateful I am for the blue skies of October and for the fall season and taking the time, even just for a moment, to honor the rich harvest of life’s sweet gifts of loving.

Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob