Hey God,

I’m here at my keyboard ready to type a message.

I really don’t know what that message is about; in fact, the not knowing seems to be the course of study You’ve prescribed for me at this time.

After several months of preparing for a move, here I am now settled into my new South Austin abode.

So clean, clear, and crisp was my focus in preparing for the move.

I acknowledge through the streamlining-of-stuff process and in making the move from Northwest Austin to South Austin, I traveled with You, taking the route of daily chunk-ing, which lead me all the way through a most successful moving adventure.

The past three days I’ve experienced such contentment just staying at home and enjoying the sweet, mellow ambiance of my new abode.

I’ve gone through no MoPac Expressway withdrawals.

I’m so enjoying having all the things I most enjoy about living in Austin so very close to my new abode.

And so I realize now the approach I used for the move . . . chunk-ing my way to success . . . is the same approach I use in growing the Your Act 3 business.

And as I write that last sentence, I recognize by residing in the Land of Not Knowing that this makes me so much more readily available to tapping into the Your knowing what’s next for me to do.

Yes, it is in the Land of Not Knowing that I am residing . . . and residing so peacefully in my new sweet, mellow abode, awakening moment by moment to Your divine guidance and inspiration.

Yes, indeed, I’m not pretending to know how Your Act 3 will grow; however, I am most certain that it is through the Land of My Not Knowing that the growth of Your business for me will most magnificently blossom and grow.

Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob