Hey God,

I’m sitting here looking around my abode, noting how nicely I’ve settled in to this new space.

A month ago I sat in a different place, wondering how I was going to get from a home in Northwest Austin to a new home in South Austin.

I did it . . . I got from Point A to Point B.

And how did I do it?

I accomplished it by taking a step at a time.

In retrospect, it seems so simple this accomplishment.

Yet, at the time I was going through the preparations for the move and doing the actual moving . . . I sometimes found myself walking a tight rope and discovered the best way to maintain my balance was focusing on just taking one step at a time.

Time after time I discovered that the one step just naturally lead me into taking the next step.

And now I sit here at the keyboard, entertaining the thought . . . now that I’m moved, unpacked, and settled . . . what’s next?!?!?

I pause.

I listen.

I hear nothing, but the stillness of the day.

And then . . . the quiet is broken . . .

By a sound made by the dryer, indicating the clothes are dry.

Ah, yes, I get it.

Pause, listen, and simply respond to what I hear calling me to do next.

And right now . . . it’s responding to the action of taking the clothes out of the dryer.

Yeah, taking one step at a time leads me to what’s next.

And in the stillness of the day, I can discover the next step being revealed to me.

Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob