Hey God,

I’m sitting here at the keyboard.

I hear my mind calling out . . . doing its very best to get my attention, fiercely yelling, Do we have to write a blog today?

I’m aware that my mind is thinking the thought, We cannot write a blog today.

In a Facebook posting, I read earlier today there was a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that grabbed my attention and has been dancing with me through the day,

You must do the things you think you cannot do.

My heart applauds Eleanor Roosevelt for this quote and acknowledges my Facebook friend, Todd, for posting it.

I realize I must simply do that thing right now that my mind is telling me I cannot do.

Earlier this morning I awoke, looked at the clock, and thought to myself, Do I swim at Barton Springs Pool today?

Before I had time to respond to the thought, I had simply moved into action and was packing my bag.

I walked outdoors and was greeted by a temperature hovering in the upper 30s°F.

Again I thought to myself, Do I swim at Barton Springs Pool today?

Before I had time to respond to the thought, I had started my car’s engine and was on the road with Barton Springs Pool as my intended destination.

Parking was easy to find, as most Austinites chose not to do an outdoors-early morning swim.


I stripped to my swim suit and looked up at the stars in the dark, clear sky. My heart was dancing with joy.

Yes, indeed that thing my mind was telling me I could not do . . . swimming outdoors when the temperature is in the 30s°F was the perfect thing for me to do.

And so I write the blog now, constructing words and sentences and making meaning out of my resistance to sit down and write today’s blog.

I’m wondering . . .

I feel so at home and at peace in Nature . . . in the Barton Springs Pool at daybreak.

I feel so lovingly supported by Nature.

I’m wondering . . .

Perhaps, my job here on planet Earth is to be like the scout on the wagon train, exploring and reporting on the trails that lie ahead and leading the pioneers on their journeys into living their lives peacefully at home in the territory of the heart.

I must honestly admit I seem to experience greater support from Nature in doing this work than I do from my fellow men.

They, the people, look at me sometimes rather skeptical about what I am doing.

Nature, however, celebrates me and encourages my heart’s joy.

Perhaps, my resistance to writing today was a fear of  honestly exposing myself and where I am right now in my life.

Yet, just like . . .

When I was at Barton Springs Pool early this morning,

Stripping down to wearing nothing but my bathing suit . . .

Standing so very tall in the crisp, early morning November air . . .

Raising my arms upward towards the sky . . .

Saluting Nature and all of Your creation . . .

I feel so vibrantly alive right now. . . authentically do-be-do-be-doing what my heart is encouraging me to do and express . . .

Exploring and living moment by moment in the territory of my heart and, in doing so, discovering the golden truth of now.

Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob