Hey God,

I thank You for this beautiful November day here in Austin, Texas.

I’m sitting here at my keyboard, sensing the delivery of a blog.

I sit in a chair with hands in my lap . . . pretty much motionless, listening to my mind chattering . . . chattering . . . chattering.

I note the more I listen to the mind’s chattering, the more tense my shoulders are feeling.

Finally, not liking the invasion of the tenseness into my shoulders, I take action, lifting up my hands and placing my fingers upon the keyboard and simply allowing them to do a lively tap dance.

Yes, right now I’m aware of making a conscious choice to feed an attitude of gratitude not only for this November day, but also for my willingness to lift myself up.

And how did I do this lifting?

I simply shifted my focus from the chattering of my mind . . . a chatter that was feeding me a diet of fear . . . shutting me down to the beauty of the now.

Yeah, I’m discovering more and more that the place where I thrive in life is residing full-time in the place of openness and spontaneity.

And where is that?

It’s found in life’s playing field of the heart.

And where is that?

Right here.

Right now.

Enjoying the moment and feeding my conscious awareness of the simple, precious beauty of life . .

And with the writing of that phrase . . .

I look up for a brief moment and catch a glimpse of my cat, Spooner, cuddled in his favorite chair, snoozing away.

The doorway to my heart opens WIDE, and I am filled with a sense of peace and loving for my life and where I find myself right now in this scene from my Act 3.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob