Hey God,

Dinner time is near.

I’m suddenly aware of wanting a grilled cheese sandwich to accompany a bowl of home-made chili.

I take two slices of multi-grain bread, buttering one side of each, and then add a slice of goat cheese.

I look at the the sandwich and envision myself placing it in my grandmother’s little black iron skillet.

Within easy reach, I find the skillet and discover a smile spreading across my face, thinking of my grandmother, who I called Mom, standing in the kitchen at 449, grilling me what she referred to as a toasted cheese sandwich.

With a beaming smile, I stand at the stove and watch my grilled cheese sandwich as the cheese melts and the bread becomes toasty.

And then . . . what a delightful dinner I have . . . a bowl of home-made chili and a grilled cheese sandwich.

The beaming smile continues throughout the evening.

The beaming seems to be radiating from deep within me . . . everywhere I look around my home, I see a beaming, peaceful radiance reflecting back to me.

I sit and look at things . . .  just beaming . . . beaming . . . beaming . . . so in love with life.

Who would have thought that a little black iron skillet + a grilled cheese sandwich + a bowl of home-made chili would create such an amazing experiential dessert.

Yes, I spend the whole evening just sitting and beaming, marveling at my life.

Marveling at how life unfolds.

Marveling at how a hankering earlier in the evening for a grilled cheese sandwich lead me down memory lane via a little black iron skillet to residing full-time throughout the evening in a state of beaming bliss.

Ah, thank You, for the little black iron skillet; my grandmother, Mom; grilled cheese sandwiches; and the experience of blissful feelings for no apparent reason other than just because . . .

Perhaps, this is what life is all about . . . little black iron skillets and cooking up loving experiences that last for a life time.

Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob