For one moment quit being sad.

Hear blessings dropping their blossoms around you. ~Rumi

Sunlight from the afternoon sun filters in through the window,

Shedding light on the dying body of an 85 year-old woman.

I sit in silence, simply acknowledging what is present right now . . . the final scene of a dear someone’s life.

I gently hold her hand and gaze upon her face,

Mesmerized by an emanating golden glow and radiant beauty.

Soft background music filters through the air,

As does the voice of the daughter, the dying woman’s primary caregiver,


“Mother, I love you so much.”

I sit in silence.

I sit in awe of life,

Wondering how I got to this precious moment in time,

And receive the honor of bearing witness

To the final scene of my hospice patient’s life.

Yes, on this December day,

Sitting in the presence of death,

I clearly hear the blessings of life

Dropping their sweetest blossoms of love.