Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.~Rumi

Yeah, this holiday season . . .

I’m taking the Holiday Express to Heartville.

How do I get there?




Be love.

Do love.

Just simply be in love with life.

Right now I’m feeling some emotions pulling on my sleeve,

Alerting me that a memory from a Christmas past is knocking at my door.

I close my eyes . . .

And there I am as a 10 year-old kid, sitting on the living room sofa,

Very early Christmas morning at the house at 449.

The family is gathered around the tree,

An abundance of gifts are wrapped, awaiting to be opened.

My dad, in his pj’s and robe, has his camera and is taking pictures.

Smiles . . . beaming smiles

Radiate from my mother,

My sister,

My grandmother,

My dad,

And me.

Laughter erupts after my comment to my dad,

“Hurry up and take the picture,

Let’s open the gifts.”

And now all these years later,

I’m still opening the most precious gift of all,

The love of family.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob