Day by day

I recognize more and more

The role I’m playing in life is that of a seasoned veteran . . .

A seasoned veteran of living.

And what exactly does this mean?

Well, some days I find myself,

Playing this role, harboring some feelings of sadness.


Some days I discover myself,

Experiencing such joy;


Oh, so very aware

Of the rich, vibrant hues,

Making up my life’s tapestry.

There are days, like today,

Where I feel at times as though I’m walking a tight rope,

Tempted to look at my life as almost over

And fall into the tight, confining grip

Of the feelings of doom ‘n gloom.

As a veteran of living, I’ve learned that . . .

The more I think the doom-‘n-gloom way,

The more my life becomes just that.

As a veteran of living, I’ve learned, too . . .


I can shift my awareness,

Following the tap-tap-tapping at the doorway to my heart,

Gently nudging me awake,

Encouraging me to get off the derailed train of doom ‘n gloom;


To rise up,

Taking action,


Climb aboard the heart’s spirited train of love,


Freely embrace

The simple joys of living and loving

Life right now.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob