Meet the Come-Back Kids!

Yeah, that’s them up above.

I first met them about 21 years ago.

One cold Chicago January night, a friend presented me with a sketchbook and a box of colored markers.

Initially my sketches were stick figures; however, day after day, I was drawn to the markers and to the sketching.

Day by day, year after year, I sketched and sketched.

I even painted characters on boxer shorts.

I even painted baby furniture.

I must admit I kept thinking this is it; however, this was not it.

I kept on keepin’ on drawing and sketching and sharing the drawings with myself and at times the world.

I realized along the way that the daily-sketching-from-my-heart ritual was taking me on a marvelous journey.

As the years passed and my confidence as an artist grew, I took bolder and bolder actions with the sharing of the art.

Ah, there were those days that as an artist I would become discouraged; especially when other people didn’t see the drawing as I was seeing it.

And yet in those moments of discouragement, I would find myself time and again drawn back to the drawing and to the sketching.

The characters I observed emerge upon the paper lifted my spirits and encouraged me to keep on growing as an artist and believe in myself.

The characters you see above I cherish; they truly are the Come-Back Kids. I know that for a fact.

And so here I am with the Come-Kids in my life’s Act 3. A time that some people might feel is a time to slow down and coast to the finishing line of life.

I remember in January 1993 watching a playoff game between the Buffalo Bills and Houston Oilers. The Bills came back from being 32 points down in the first half to win the game in overtime.

People who were not ordinarily Bills fans started cheering enthusiastically for the Bills once they started coming back.

And so today, you might say people like me in Act 3 of life are on a comeback journey.

For whatever reason, I find myself without a substantial retirement nest egg; one that would enable me to continue the lifestyle I’ve grown use to living through the years.

Where has the money gone?

Well, I’ve tended to invest in myself and in my education . . . in particular, educating my heart.

I’ve learned through my relating to the Come-Back Kids to believe in Something bigger than life . . . Something encouraging and inspiring me to step into and draw upon my heART.

And so today I officially introduce you to the Come-Back Kids. I’m taking the Come-Back Kids Show on the road.

This morning at a Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Miller Blueprint, I drew Come-Back Kids’ pictures and gave them away to a responsive audience. The pictures were percolating with the Come-Back Kid spirit for the recipient to draw upon through the work day.

Stay tuned . . . as I share the Come-Back Kids stories with you; for the Come-Back Kids and me are taking the show on the road and sharing with a world in need of tapping into believing and cheering for the come back to occur!

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob and the Come-Back Kids