I’m sitting at Starbucks near 5th and Lamar,

Sketchbook in front of me and pen in hand.

I’m drawing away, creating Come-Back Kid images,

Each CBK holding a message.

Suddenly upon a page,

I note the Come-Back Kid, Playcasso, showing up,

Presenting for me a ticket to ride through the day.

I sit and I look at the ticket in his hand with the destination of believe.

I softly, very softly, say to Playcasso,


I sit and I listen for a response,

Suddenly waking up to the fact . . .

I was contemplating hoarding the art,

Keeping a tight hold on it,

And not sharing it with others.

And then . . .

My possibility-of-hoarding thoughts are interrupted

By the sounds of laughter, coming from two women at a nearby table.

I glance towards the table

And am greeted by two smiles.

I feel my heart nudging me to give away two tickets for the day,

And for me

To believe

That the sketches I was doing earlier are meant to be shared,

Providing the perfect uplifting messages for these two Starbucks neighbors,

Enabling them to ride through the day,

Tapping into their come-back spirit.

I reach out.

I present myself, giving each lady a ticket.

Their smiles and

Their thank yous

Provide me with a mega-boost

For believing in the Come-Back Kids . . .

And for me to open up . . .


Share them with the world.

Tickets, tickets, tickets . . .

I had earlier today

And discovered

Recipients awaiting me,

Eager to ride through their day on the Come-Back Kid Express.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob and the Come-Back Kid, Playcasso.