I’m sitting quietly on a Saturday afternoon,

Wondering what to do.

And then in the silence,

I become aware of a question percolating from within my heart,

What is Love asking me to do now?

Suddenly my sketchbook is in front of me

And a drawing pen is in my hand.

I see emerging upon the paper

The Come-Back Kid, Playcasso,

Serving to remind me

Just how simple it can be to respond to the question,

What is Love calling me to do now?

So I complete the drawing

And I look,

And I ponder.

And I feel Love,

Encouraging me to . . .

Write a blog, post, and share it with you.

So now,

Yes, now,

I ask you,

What is Love calling you to do now?

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob and the CBK, Placasso