I love to draw. I love to sketch, and lately I’ve been so enjoying sharing the recently-created art with others.

Above you see my Valentine design for 2011.

The design idea presented itself to me yesterday while I was doodling on a sheet of paper.

The sketch was followed by a What If:

I took 30 index cards and created 30 Valentines to distribute randomly to  fellow Austinites.

And so that’s what I did today.

I guess you could say I played the role of St. Valentine.

The first two recipients were the lifeguards at Deep Eddy Pool. They received their cards at 6:45 AM.

Me? . . . I received from the two of them warm smiles and heartfelt thank yous.

And so with two Valentines delivered and a morning swim completed, I continued through the day with my Valentine delivery.

And who were some of the other 28 people who showed up to receive the Glad You Are Here Valentine greeting card?

  • a barista at Juan Pelota Cafe
  • a young woman leaving the gym and heading for a cup of coffee at Whole Foods
  • a young mother and her 9-month old daughter upon entering Whole Foods
  • a patron at Starbucks
  • Hospice Austin caregivers and staff
  • a dentist and his assistant
  • a sales associate at AT&T who had helped me several weeks ago resolve, in a very timely manner, an iPhone challenge that enabled me to get home in time to watch my beloved Chicago Bears play
  • a manager at West End, who I had never met before today and who was so touched by the card that the smile that spread across her face was brighter than the afternoon sun.

Yeah, 30 people I met today along my Valentine’s Day 2011 journey.

Thirty amazing smiles I received.

And the most frequently heard response given to me was, “You just made my day.”

And so today I’ve awakened to the purpose in this blog . . .

Sharing with you my journey in sketching and sharing the Come-Back Kids with the world and promoting Building a Kinder World.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob