Ever since I made my arrival on planet Earth and took my first breath at Moline Public Hospital, I’ve been in the process of growing older.

Ah, yes, aging . . . growing older . . . and I acknowledge much wiser.

Recently I went to my doctor for a physical. The results were good; however, the doctor recommended I make a follow-up  appointment with an urologist.

And so . . .  I found out first hand what it is a urologist does.

The conversation between the urologist and me was rather light-hearted, definitely defusing any possibility for fear to hang out and to strangle the presence of life’s simple joys.

When the urologist stepped out of the examination room for a few minutes, I drew him a picture and presented it to him upon his return.

How did he respond?

The urologist smiled . . . or a more accurate description . . . he beamed.

The urologist and I laughed and we talked.

And it was during this conversation that I realized some people might refer to where I currently am in my life as being an ol’ fart.

Well . . . since the visit to the urologist, I’ve been practicing embracing being looked upon by society as an ol’ fart.

I stand in front of my bathroom mirror and call myself an ol’ fart.

What happens?

I smile.

And . . .

The more I refer to myself as an ol’ fart the bigger the smile on my face becomes and the more I see the twinkle in my baby blue eyes.

And so each day as I go into the world drawing sketches and sharing them with people I meet, I realize there is a possibility that in the minds of some people they might be entertaining the thought that ol’ fart just gave me a picture.

Yet, the smiles I am receiving convey a very sweet message.

The smiles are like a beam of bright light radiating from their hearts to my heart.

And so . . . in sketching and sharing art from my heart with the world, I’m continually discovering such joy along life’s journey and, with a grateful heart, I am embracing playing the role of an ol’ fart.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob