Passing through Town

The day is young, and I’m in my car with Cuppa Joe in my hand.

The early-morning commuter traffic is encouraging me to take an alternate route.

Cuppa Joe points me in the in the direction of taking South 1st Street.

Ah . . . now the traffic is flowing.

And me? I’m smiling.

Suddenly I look up and see  a sign posted along the side of the road:

Welcome to Slackerville City Limit.

Oh my, I wonder, how did I end up in Slackerville?

Have you ever been there . . . Slackerville?

Most people would not look favorably upon a Slackerville resident; especially, those residing 24/7  in today’s corporate world.

I decide to park my car, get out, and lift my Cuppa Joe, honoring my visit today to Slackerville, and snap a mug shot.

Amazing. . .  I think to myself, a sign welcoming people to Slackerville.

To be honest with you, I admit to having spent time in Slackerville before; although I never saw a sign posted welcoming me here.

I recall one Slackerville visit when I was 14 years old. It was summer, and all I wanted to do was sit around and hang out with friends.

My parents were concerned and even called the doctor to make sure I was OK.

The doctor confirmed that I was indeed OK.

The summer passed and so did I pass through my visit to Slackerville.

And now that I’m down the road of life, a wiser man . . . I’ve learned through my life experiences some Slackerville wisdom.

Do, do, do, do, do . . .

Does not lead me into residing in Slackerville.

It does lead me into living in the tight-grip of fear and stress.

What I have discovered that works for me is shifting gears to a Be, Do, Be, Do, Be rhythm.

In fact, you might even say that to the outside world when I’m in the Be-ing it might look like I’m residing in Slackerville.

Yet, I’ve discovered that when I’m in the Slackerville be-ing, my creative juices are being charged.

And the more willing I am to let go of judging myself for temporarily residing in Slackerville . . . the faster my journey is through Slackerville and into residing in a creatively-charged do-ing.

And so today, letting go the judgments about my surprise visit to Slackerville, I passed right through town and sit now at my laptop, creatively-charged and delightfully doing a report for you on my fieldtrip to Slackerville.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob