Here I am in Austin, Texas . . .


Standing near 5th and Lamar, looking up, up, up;

Offering an early-morning Cuppa Joe toast to the new day.

The building you see above is named Spring Condominiums.

I honor the architect for his/her vision.

I honor those who helped construct the building.

I’m so grateful they kept their focus on building up . . .


If  challenges were met along the way, rather than choosing to find fault

Place blame on others,

And tear apart what had been done . . .

They’d make a course correction and keep their focus on building up, up, up, and up.

Yeah, you can refer to me if you like as a hippie elder.

I admit that back in the early ’70s . . .

I let my curly locks grow and grow and grow.

I uttered the cry, Make love, not war.

And after all these years filled full of life-lessons learned,

I believe even more strongly in the power of Love.

Love I’ve discovered


Uplifting . . .

In other words, Love builds up the human spirit,

Lifting you and me into a higher perspective on life.

In the year 2011,

If I listen to the news media

Or tune in to reality TV,

I repeatedly discover

That . . .

A higher perspective on Love is not the story being told.

And so here today, August 17, 2011,

I stand here in ATX,

Saluting with Cuppa Joe a building-up perspective on living life.

I look at Cuppa Joe

And note his five-letter message to me . . .


This message percolates deeply within my heart.

And so, my friends,

I’m building myself UP,

Speaking UP

And acknowledging

How my experiences of Life are encouraging me to respond to this question:

What’s it all about?


Loving you,

Robert/aka Bob