Attention is the most basic form of love;

through it we bless and are blessed.

– John Tarrant

Austin’s Eilers Park,

Monday morning at 11:11AM, I kneel down  . . .

Before me I see a blank canvas of life, awaiting a blessing of joy.

Yeah, it might be if you were here standing beside me,

You’d look at the same spot and say, that’s just a slab of concrete.

Yet, with chalk in my hand and my focused attention, that slab of concrete comes to life,

Revealing to me today . . .

Playto, the Playosopher of Life at Loving U.

The more Playto shows up,

The greater the joy in my heart becomes.

Suddenly, I hear a voice from behind me, asking,

“Excuse me. Is this the only playground around here?”

I turn around and look,

And am greeted by a thirty-something years-old mother and

Her young son, who appears to be around four years old.

I smile at her and respond, “Yes, this is it.”

There is no return response from her.

I turn around and continue shading Playto.

I note over time . . .

The young boy plays by himself on the playground equipment.

And . . .

The thirty-something years-old mother talks on her cell phone.

I draw.

The little boy plays by himself.

The mother talks and talks and talks on her cell phone to someone who’s not present at Eilers Park.

I look at the chalk drawing.

I see Playto, holding two blank signs.

I ponder for a brief moment what to write on them.

I observe where I am, kneeling on the top step.

I hear in my heart the playosopher, Playto, encouraging me to write,

Step Up to Loving.

And what does this mean?

Well, . . . for me, today’s lesson-in-loving scene at Eilers Park,

Directed by the playosopher, Playto,

And with the supporting cast of real-life characters:

The thirty-something years-old mother,

Her young son,

And someone on the other end of a cell phone call . . .

The life lesson was on:

The power of Love


How simple it can be . . .

When paying attention to the details of life . . .

Noting the beauty in

Who and what shows up

And simply being present with it;

And in doing so,

Being so richly blessed

By Loving.

Loving you,

Robert/aka Bob