Cuppa Joe

It is not how much you do,

but how much Love you put into the doing that matters.

~Mother Teresa

I look at the clock. I read the time . . . 3:55 AM.

I must admit to you, believe it or not, I’m eager and ready to get up and begin the day.

I do not wonder what to do first. I simply move into action, following my heart’s lead.

And where does my heart lead me on this Monday morning?

To the Austin Starbucks located at 5th and Lamar.

I’m there . . . even before the store is open.

I find a spot and prepare to create a street painting,  directly outside one of the entrances to the store.

I kneel, take a piece of chalk, and begin to outline a drawing.

Ever wonder what a Cuppa Joe really looks like?

Well, take a look at the picture posted above.

To me that’s Cuppa Joe.

For years . . . and I mean years . . . I’ve had this thing with a good, morning cup of coffee.

It’s almost like a love affair.

I’d sit and enjoy, savoring that first cup of joe . . . sip by sip.

Usually as I sipped, I’d have a sheet of paper before me and pen in hand my hand, creating a sketch of my morning coffee buddy.

As I sketched, I’d see my buddy’s face emerging on the paper, always so willing to share a good-morning smile with me.

And so today . . . Cuppa Joe appears on the sidewalk at 5th and Lamar in downtown Austin, sharing a smile and a simple love note, not only for me, but for one and all who happen to pass by him.

Yes, from my heart to your heart, World, via Cuppa Joe . . . Enjoy!

Loving you,

Robert/aka Bob