Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. ~ Rumi

On a beautiful morning, I sit on the patio at the downtown Whole Foods, enjoying a Cuppa Joe.

Suddenly, I look up . . . really, really, look up in to the eyes of a puppy named Jake.

Without thinking, I rise up from my chair and am drawn to Jake’s side, reaching out to him and touching his soft furry coat.

I naturally discover the next step . . . talking to him . . . sweetly talking to him.

It doesn’t take long for Jake to draw a crowd.

Early morning commuters, runners, and walkers gather around him.

All gatherers are beaming the biggest and brightest of smiles.

People, who prior to Jake’s arrival, sat alone in a self-imposed isolated world, are now living and thriving in Jake’s loving world.

Jake’s doing nothing extraordinary. . . just naturally being himself . . . a cute, loving, adorable puppy wrapped in the arms of his owner of three days and basking in a world over-flowing with love.

Yeah, Jake . . . a mighty powerful pup, demonstrating for we humans, the power in simply being naturally who we are . . . living and being at home on the playground of the heart.

I hear no one asking how to do it . . . how to rise up in human consciousness.

People like me are just naturally responding, following their hearts’ lead, and simply being moved into  loving action, and demonstrating the higher human consciousness of love.

Yes, thank you, dear Jake, Uplifter of Human Consciousness, for serving UP such a sweet reminder on how easy living and sharing love can be.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob